Monday, July 18, 2011

Carnegie Mellon Review

This site offers a good selection of tools to help instructors teach with technology.  It gives instructors steps in how to create and teach an effective class.   Carnegie Mellon’s teaching with technology site is very simple.  There are no interactive features, but it is very simplistic to browse.

 Most of the resources are guided to instructors at the university level.  As a high school teacher, I do not think I would make use of this website.  I felt like the information was great, but it was not for me.  The only things I would say that were useful in my opinion were the articles that discussed technology use in the classroom. 

Would I recommend this web site?  I would if I was talking to a student whose goal is to be a professor at the university level, but for an elementary or secondary teacher, I would say this site was not much help. 

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