Friday, July 1, 2011

Chapter One

Wow...finally I got my book today, and I was able to read the first chapter!  Very interesting opening I must say.  I actually found my self adding and multiplying in my head to see how many days, perhaps years, it has taken me to learn a second language.  I guess I will have to admit that I was not able to come up with a total, but I can say that I am still in that process. 

Now lets get to the point of this chapter.  Basically I can say that technology has changed everything.  I went to a school where computers were not in the picture.  It wasn't until 2004 when I started to use technology.  Last year, I began my career as a Spanish teacher in a fairly new school.  They have a lot of technology.  I must sadly say that I did not use it to the fullest because of my inexperience.  But I cannot wait to fully understand how foreign language and technology go hand in hand and how this will open new doors to best teach and learn a second language. 

Blake, Robert J. (2008). Brave New Digital Classroom: Technology and Foreign Language Learning. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.


  1. It is a big change when you went to a school that did not use a lot of technology. At my high school, we didn't have very much, and at the school where I taught, it was so limited! When I went back to graduate school, I was a total technology flunkie because of the other students (who'd gone straight from undergrad to graduate school) were so far ahead of me, lol! But it's so worth it to use the tools and learn how to do it. It gives you a lot of versatility as a teacher.

  2. LOL...that is how I feel right now. I hope to learn many tools with this class!