Saturday, July 9, 2011

Langwitches Review

Langwitches: The magic of language learning through technology.

Langwitches includes many helpful links, ideas, tutorials, reviews and much more.  This site is friendly to everyone even the most inexperienced with technology.  Is easy to navigate since is not overloaded with distractions.  I would change the color used for the tabs and headings for a darker color because they seem to blend in with the background color.

This site's content is very detailed.  When you click on a tab for example the Tutorials tab it gives you a list of helpful tutorials.  Once you click on the one you would like to see it takes you to the tutorial.  There are insert of pictures so you can see what are the steps that the teacher needs to follow along with a written explanation.  To the right of the tutorial you can still find a column with the list of tutorials previously seen that the site offers.  Having that column there makes it even more easy to just click for the next tutorial instead of having to go back to the previous page. 

As a fairly new teacher this web site is  very useful for me.  I already looked into how to create a classroom blog.  I am also interested on the Windows Movie Maker software.  Just like the example that the site gives with verbs I can use this in my classroom to create different short videos with my students with information learned in the target language for example feelings or foods.  I am honestly excited about this website even to say that I already added it to my favorites tab.  I will definitely recommend this site to my co-workers because I know that we could all benefit from all is awesome and extremely helpful information, links, tutorials, projects and ideas. 

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