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I've been reading this thread with great interest.
I teach at the post-secondary level and over the past few years I've made a
conscious attempt to integrate alternative assessments into my course, as much
as is allowed by the curriculum and by the department.
This year, I did some research the topic to find out more about it. Here's an
easy-to-read report that may help you find more resources:
Portfolios to Assess Literacy and Second Languages: An Annotated Bibliography
Last month, I was asked to present on this topic for the Ontario Literacy
Coalition. The focus was on literacy and not L2 specifically, but if you're
interested, they archived the webinar here:
From my research in this area, I would say that you're right on track with major
trends that are happening in terms of incorporating alternative, strength-based
assessments into the foreign language classroom. It will take some time to
convince major school boards, state offices and ministries of education that
there is value in this type of assessment and that if it is implemented
properly, that academic rigor can most definitely be maintained.
I'd be interested to hear from others on this topic, too.
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I recently joined this forum and I was wondering when is the  best time to start the Portfolios?  In my case would it be Spanish I?  What are some of the online Portfolios that can be used and if there is a cost?  This coming school year would be my second year teaching and I am very interested using alternative assessments. 
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