Monday, July 18, 2011

Second Life in Foreign Language Teaching

FL in the virtual world would definitely allow students to practice the target language verbally and written.  Role-play is another use that students may use with their Avatar when they visit cafes or shops.   It’s interesting how Second Life is set up.  You can visit different islands and places with a couple of clicks.  This can even give an opportunity for students to virtually travel and see places that they might never be able to visit.  I can actually see the potential Second Life would have for FL. 

However, I can also think of lots of obstacles.  I teach at a very low income high school and money is an issue.  In the article, they mentioned that buying textbooks could potentially be more expensive in the long run than hardware for computers, and I agree, but that is not my only concern.  Students will have to have the internet connection in order to accomplish the work, and to be honest, most of my students last year did not have a computer to say the least.  

Would I use Second Life in my Spanish classroom?  Right now, I would say no only because I need to learn how to use it successfully, but as soon as I feel more comfortable with it, I will give a try.  I am sure the students will enjoy it and learn at the same time.


  1. Hi Yadira! I completely agree with you. I hadn't thought about the financial aspect of this sort of thing. I can imagine that buying a textbook would be more expensive than to simply download the free Second Life software onto a computer that the school might have already owned. I would definitely use a teen version of Second Life in my classroom as long as it's monitored, but the regular version can be a little too inappropriate.

  2. Hey Yadira! I agree that Second Life can help our students with their verbal and writing skills in the target langauge. This is definitely a plus! I also see your point on the issue of monitory cost. Unfortunately, due to our current economy there has been several budget cuts in education. Therefore, this might not be something that can be integrated at the current moment. However, I think that for the near future it would be an excellent tool to look into.