Friday, July 1, 2011

Website Review

Website review for Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes

This site is very simple and easy to navigate.  The page is clean, but I would say it needs some more color and more graphics that are appealing to the eye.  The headings are to the point and helpful to find what you need.  The fonts are big enough to read with ease.  

The content of the website is exacly what it stated on its title: internet activities for foreign language classes.  It's divided by foreign language to make it easy for educators to find what they need in a fraction of the time. 
The author even included his e-mail for questions or comments.

Overall, this is a great website and as an educator I would recommend it.  My favorite part is the helpful link section under the heading:  Getting Started...the Web in the Classroom,  especially if you are inexperienced with technlogy. 

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  1. This is a good review. I like that you comment on both the visual components, as well as the content. For the next review, I would like a bit more detail on how you would use it as a teacher, but this is very good for a first time review.